Corporation Tax Loans

Corporation Tax Loans

If you’re a UK business that needs to pay off your HMRC Corporation Tax bill, then this type of loan is essential. Many businesses fund their corporation tax, freeing up cashflow on costs that generate further revenue.

The Process

Applying for a loan with us is fast and straightforward. All we need from you are some basic financial information to support the loan. Once received, the application is sent to the underwriters for approval.

Once approved and you have signed our easy to understand loan agreement, the paperwork is processed and payment is sent directly to HMRC using your unique tax reference number.

When the loan has been agreed, your monthly repayments will begin until the loan is paid off in full. Repayment periods are available from 3, 6, 10 or 12 months – starting one month after HMRC have been paid. Thus, you are free to select the most convenient plan for yourself and your business! Third party funding such as Corporation Tax Loans are perfectly acceptable by HMRC and are commonly utilised.

Corporation Tax Loan Calculator

Interested in Corporation Tax Loan and want to know roughly how much your repayments will be? Why don’t you try out our free calculator! Simply fill in the fields for an instant price and submit your enquiry. Within 24 hours one of the expert members from Corporation Tax Loans will contact you. Did you know we also offer finance solutions that cover different types of loans such as: VAT Loans, Professional Indemnity loans, working capital loans, equipment loans, dilapidation loans and insurance policies – all at competitive rates!

Corporation Tax Loan Calculator

Why get a Corporation Tax Loan?

Splitting your bill into manageable monthly payments while ensuring cash stays in the business is a big advantage to this loan. Unlike other loans, this tax loan won’t affect any existing lines of credit you may have.

We work with various specialist tax loan providers, who specialise to make sure everything is accurate and done correctly. Some companies choose negotiation and repayment terms with HMRC but that option still incurs interest and can create more problems for your company than it solves. To avoid additional stress many UK organisations prefer simply paying their tax bill in full instead of juggling a payment plan agreement with HMRC.

Ultimately, your Corporation Tax bill will be paid in a timely and accurate manner.

Key Benefits of Corporation Tax Loans

Corporation Tax Loans

Cash Flow

Control cashflow with manageable monthly payments

Corporation Tax Loans

Fast Payments

Payment will be made directly to HMRC

Corporation Tax Loans

Quick Instant Quote

Use our simple loan calculator and get an instant quote on your monthly repayments

Alternative Funding Lines

No need to use up an existing bank facility

Corporation Tax Loans

Makes Budgeting Easier

Fixed repayments will make budgeting and planning easier

Schedule Alongside Other Direct Debits

Schedule your repayments over 6 or 12 months. Then, align them with all your other monthly direct debits